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January 28, 2013

29 Jan

We have the house! Arvil and Gloria have completed their move-out so I e-mailed Professor Guynes (University of South Alabama, College of Arts and Sciences, Visual Arts Department) to tell him what we have in mind. I was so excited about the prospect — the newly minted art graduates in their studios, the art gallery, the just-coffee coffee shop, people resting, restoring, returning to their tasks —- it was like falling in love.

Ten minutes later, when I still hadn’t heard back from Prof. Guynes, it was like “sitting by the phone waiting for him to call.” 

By early afternoon, I had his response: He thinks it is a great idea, that we will have some interest, and said that he will distribute an electronic pamphlet to his students.

And with that, I e-mailed the kids and grandbabies to let them know what was going on. Their excited and supportive responses settled into my heart. 

January 27, 2013

29 Jan

We have the key! 

Although we hadn’t been in any particular hurry to have it, now that the idea of turning the house into art studios and an art gallery has taken shape, I am excited to have it. 


A Daily Ray of Hope – The face of nature

27 Jan

A Daily Ray of Hope – The face of nature.

A Daily Ray of Hope – Love dogs

26 Jan

A Daily Ray of Hope – Love dogs.

See and Agree

25 Jan

It isn’t her fault really. I blame Facebook’s algorithm. I see her every day, her strident, caustic postings almost making me forget why we were ever friends. Yesterday, she broke stride, and shared a pretty picture which I passed on. “Good to see you!” she commented afterwards, as thought I weren’t on Facebook almost all day, every day. She can’t see me, apparently, unless I’m “agreeing” with her about something. 

Like I said, I don’t blame her for not seeing me, I blame Facebook for hiding me from her feed, but it is so close to what happens in real life, our propensity to draw nigh unto us those echo our sentiments and opinions, that I couldn’t help but shake my head. 

A Daily Ray of Hope – Choosing peace

24 Jan

A Daily Ray of Hope – Choosing peace.

A Daily Ray of Hope – Married to amazement

11 Jan

A Daily Ray of Hope – Married to amazement.